Gossamer Love!

I am losing myself each day fragment by fragment

in this quagmire of love

in this imperceptible mesh of love

a love that knows no reason, a love that discerns no rule, a love that is celebrated beyond life,

Love’s silver strings sway at the slightest touch of autumn’s breeze

twirl and dance yet they hold on to each other

crestfallen, I watch the luminous Blue Moon– its platinum streaks brighten the mesh 

the joys of passion truly visible and I find myself slipping into an eternal abyss of love, 

the morning mist leave their footprint on these fragile strings

the dews dangle from the thin delicate threads, some waggle and swish, some hang still

the morning glory shines on them and each gold drop feel delighted 

the love mesh shimmering in the Gold yet dark greys shroud the chasm halting oxygen, 

I love the unpredictable rains

the sudden dark clouds cleanse the soul from every glint of yore

the tumbles percolating the skin reach the vacuum reducing the salinity of heart and eyes

the heavy pour has finally accomplished its chore– it wiped off the past

the cobweb no longer shines, nor sways in the moist breeze

Its impalpable cords washed off forever,

the emptiness inside lurks but it can’t be weighed, it feels burdensome 

love’s undying mesh has lost the battle to heaven’s spills

A solitary heart has quit and bright blooms deck the casket.💚

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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
For Life is a Gift💚

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