Goodnight, Twinkling Dreams!

If stars are like lamps 

of the sky then

fireflies are the lanterns 

of the wood

swirling, twirling, 

giggling and chuckling

they brighten the darkest cores, 


magical tiny beings they are

with a flickering torch 

beneath their wings

they wait for the Gold

to kiss the horizon

so they can shimmer

the night like the Sun, 


like a shooting star 

they pace through the dark

into unknown parts 

of the wild,

some admire their 

golden flashlights

some bottle them 

in glass jars and 

enjoy as they

glitter their cabins, 


to me, they are twinkling dreams

that vanish with daybreak,

in the darkness 

they realise their abilities 

as they glint along 

the unravelled depths, 


to a poet they are 

his luminous muse 

to a traveller they are

the earth’s firebug

to the poor they are

a glass pitcher brimming

with illume and hope


to the kids they are

floating stars on earth.



fragile lustrous hopes

that trot the greens 

in the dark

knowing their existence is

ephemeral yet celebrating

happily, the gift called Life.๐Ÿ’š



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Written by Sonali Ray

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