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Gone With the Wind

Withered leaves scamper the courtyard,

Howling wind cries your name.

Soulful eyes with memories scarred, 

Gone with the wind are the days of fame.

The stage is lost, acts forgotten, 

Curtains drawn; mock my presence.

Gone with the wind, are days mirth-laden,

Lights have dulled, jeering silence.

Wine goblets and cheddar cheese,

Gone with wind are these savouries. 

Discontent bubbling, drowned in grief

Me and my formidable memories.

Gone with the wind are my days of youth 

I chase them and pant down in defeat.

Time the leveller has portrayed the truth,

Only if , it was him, I could cheat!

Photo credit:  Unsplash


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Written by Dr Shweta Mathur Lall

I am a dentist working with Apollo hospital. I am an voracious reader an avid writer and an orator.

Looking forward to learning and harnessing my thoughts.

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