Gluttony is a sin you say

To want more than you have, a crime

Be content with your life you say

Have patience and you shall be rewarded in time

But who is to say what’s more, what’s enough

Who’s to define what to want

Who can tell what you need

To survive, and then some…

If I want to smell the fragrance of the freshly moist earth

And spend the day laughing with friends in undiluted mirth

If I want to gaze at stars, trace patterns in the sky

And watch the sun brilliant hues with a painter’s brush apply

If I want to hold your hand, gaze into your eyes

And taste the nectar of your lips just one more time

If I want to trace my footprint along the music of the waves

And walk and dance and eat and sing and do whatever my heart craves

No hour, no day, no year is long enough

I am a glutton for life!

Picture Courtesy: Mohamed Nohassi,


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Written by Amrita Chowdhury


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