Gloomy Day

Gloominess all around

Falling rain does sound

Memories that hound

Tears dripping to ground

O this gloomy day


I live my life faithless

In shadow of darkness

This spreading numbness

Makes me breathless

O this gloomy day


Sorrow that takes me

Smile that left me

Nothing’s left to see

When I remember thee

O this gloomy day


Death isn’t a dream

When I want to scream

Killing my self esteem

Pain flows in bloodstream

O this gloomy day


I want to end it all

Heart will take a fall

Don’t want to recall

For soul shreds and all

O this gloomy day


Angels take my soul away

So peacefully I lay

Don’t want to go astray

Nor I want any sun ray

O this gloomy day

© Waqas Gul 


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