Harken me, Gelos, the spirit of laughter.

Like an intoxicated lot let the mankind drink this ambrosia,

Genuine fun can descend, making merry should never cease.

As a propellant triggering a man to action,

As the wind beneath his wings,

As a cure for aching soul and bereaving mind,

The hilarity eases the burden, bringing back the sunshine,

Piercing the black clouds for a welcome rain in the summer.

The night follows the day and so is the other way round,

Let not this dampen the spirit, let it in fact, be accepted.

The guffaws, however, emanating from the heart and spreading

Over the face and the world, delivers a message special.

The warrior in the man should depend on this magic weapon,

Battling any pandemic or even a personal one becomes easy,

Shedding no blood but sprinkling joy and mirth everywhere.


What do you think?


Written by Amrita Mallik

PP Pioneer

Fire to Ice