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Gates' Speak…

I have stories to tell,

Of me and my fellas

Around the world.

Do you have a moment to spare?


From Heaven to Earth

And to the Netherworld,

We guard every entry and

Exit with full valour.


Gods, demons and fairies,

Kings, queens and messengers,

Leaders, followers and everyone

Have knocked and sought permission.


We have bore the brunt,

Of every protestor in hunt.

They tried to bring us down,

With stones, sticks and even bombs.


Love, hatred have been exchanged,

Through our grills several times.

We have been deeply soaked,

In warm kisses and salty tears.


We have quietly witnessed,

History being created around us.

No matter, who the leader is,

We have always protected.


A world without us,

Is next to impossible.

So are you ready to

Hear the Gates’ Speak??

Kirti V

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Written by Kirti V


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