Frozen hearts


Frozen hearts feared

They may never thaw,

Roiling tears smeared

As evil clutched its claws.


Fragile breaths were broken

As convictions were shaken,

Muddled became soul

There was uncertainty to behold.


From cockle of the heart, the voice of Master,

Asked to keep the trust tight, like plaster.

Assuring, never it would let fall from grace,

The words lovingly, the hearts did embrace.


For before the eyes the Master,

Equal, everyone stands.

For it is the compassion of the Master,

Holding all in His safe hands.


Making fear of frozen hearts thaw

Like a river, they dissolve in awe…

The evil transforms into something good,

That’s the magic of the Master! Understood 🙂 


What do you think?


Written by Shirstee Singh

One part of the cosmos!

PP Pioneer


Flavoursome Fall