Crooning the Yabbadabba doo

Along with the Flintstones

The rocky roads of Stone Age

Were so wonderful.


The future world, we did witness

By sailing with the Jetsons,

With an antenna and aerocars,

They took us for a skyride.


Confidence and grit,

Comes with hard work and spinach,

Thus taught the man with pipe,

Who said, I Am Popeye the Sailor Man.


Sugar, Spice and everything nice,

Are just not for making cookies,

A chemical X can change them to

The powerful Powerpuff Girls.


Chemistry was made easy,

By the dynamic duo

Of bubbly siblings,

Dexter and DeeDee.


The cartoons, those days,

Were more than just entertainers,

They showed us the zeal of life

That we carry even now.

Kirti V


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