Floating in the desert

In between the azure and the green

I float to find my place

What really is my space?


A space that I can call my own

A space where who I am, I can be

Should I look for my roots or should I find my wings?


Sometimes, my feet touch the ground

My wits become aware of one extreme

A tryst with reality sets in


The humdrum, the extraordinary,

The boundaries, the accountabilities

The convoluted multifarious maze of living


As I reach the threshold

I look at the sky-

Cerulean, pristine with divinity glistening


It lifts my spirits like wind beneath wings

Slowly and steadily, I touch the zenith,

Surrounded by white, I find myself


A fairy tale seems to be unfolding

An exquisite, wondrous place it is

Is it not far away from my reality?


To another extreme, I seem to have stretched,

In the bliss of nature, away from human living

In a fantasy world, I try to find my footing


But not for long, as equilibrium is again lost

I spot an urge for the truth, the realities

I now set up my space on the vastness of sand


A place that’s real, still away from reality of reality

On the secluded piece of land,

I hope to be, who truly I am


I grapple for words, to describe my quest

A quest I believe in, a quest for self,

To discern emotions, the quintessence of experiences


Searching for myself, I find akin to a prayer

A prayer to dive in the profundity of ocean within,

Somewhere in between the azure and the green


P.S. My name translates to “prayer” and I’ve included that in the last stanza.


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    • Mumtaz I was actually worried if I wasn’t confusing the reader but was sure that all poets would interpret the exact meaning that I’m trying to portray. I’m glad it achieved the purpose. Thank you so much for such a positive feedback ❤️❤️

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