Flight of Words

Folding the blank paper 

neatly along the rims

inking it with few 

white salty drops

I sail it off, 

My paper plane

into a distant land;

trudging over

the rugged terrain,

swimming the virgin

blues and emeralds,

plodding the lush

pastures and meadows,

when you reach 

the window of his heart

drench him with the

shower of my words

bathe him till my

verse quench 

his thirst;

As my paper plane

drifts over his heart

shedding my verse,

somewhere there

rather unknowingly 

he absorbs my letters,

soaks himself like

the parched earth

dances to the 

first raindrops,

and then I feel complete

seeping all my pains.


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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
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