Flashes of yore

Wrapped in craving of desired love,

Sometimes in melody with the moments of cherished tucked dreams,

On other days thunderbolts of striking a chord with heartbeats but heartless to expressing another side of feels,

As one-way roads wrecked my emotions as in reels of repetitions from the yore,

Some tangles exist in melancholy of grey skies felt, suppressed and a platter of emotions served but devastated with similies of blues,

The fog of doubts maze the glory of reflections from the heart as in seen, touched and the depart,

Your integrity may be the proudness of carriage riding on horses of egos blinded from crushed below feel,

Maybe forecasting a naked reality,

The emotions share was just a nightfall reel,

A juncture existing as sandcastles and early dawn of ripples sweeping as in just like a heap of mud,

So there ends a  sugar-coated lust saga felt and vanished in the darkness of seas.



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