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Fight !

Alone, I stand
with my brittle body
The journey was not easy
 neither dreamy nor fussy
Spring of my life comforts
my worn out nerves.
Summer had always burn out
my pain and made me strong
My autumn had elapsed
shedding my tears
Laughed and tossed to the ocean of life
by rainy dear
Wintery days had consoled
my brimming ocean of emotions
To blossom my nerves
 to set my devotions
Yes, the journey was not easy
neither dreamy nor fussy
Alone now I stand
with my brittle body
My past forbids me
to cherish my fight
My present induce me
to take a bite
The vast snowy spread tells tales
and the silence echos…
Go ahead and sail well!
Photo By : TJ Holowaychuk


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Written by Esha Dasgupta

PP Pioneer

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