What is it that nags at the bottom of my belly?

I’m not queasy! I can sense a heaviness, 

What is it to be, a foreboding, an omen?

Pah! That’s superstition, and all quackery.

Yet there a dark monstrous shadow

Stalking me, as much as I run away.

It appears as if it were to attack me.

Invisible, intangible, and invincible.

Who dares peep out from within a masked me?

My fragmented psyche, is it the child in me?

A mocking laughter jeers, can’t you see?

They say I’m demented: they‘ve abandoned me

Because they say I’m demented!

Like a black cloud Dementia has struck me!

Mumtaz N Khorakiwala

Picture Courtesy: Cristian Newman


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Written by Mumtaz N K

Trainer, reader, littérateur  & wayfarer...many selves wrapped in one physicality

Sprucing up  my the writer in me...

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