We counted the stars,

Before we slept,

Out in the open,

In the cool fresh air.

Me and my siblings,

Then fought over it,

And asked Papa about it,

He always favoured me.

Then told us about,

the sun and the moon,

And planets and satellites,

Circling round them.

We had a thousand questions,

He had a million answers,

He talked about the Milky Way,

Of Galaxies,Of pole star

In my dreams,

I could see myself

jumping from one star to another

In the huge playground of the universe,

Just like I crossed a puddle,

Jumping from one stone to another.

That night when I got up

Crying scared of darkness,

He told me that

the sun must be shining in America now

And soon it will come back here

My little brain could imagine pitch dark night

And the sun shining like furnace in the sky,

Throwing fire balls.

He laughed louder than ever,

on silly tricks my imagination played.


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Written by Sarita Khullar

Sarita Khullar is a retired associate professor in English from Hans Raj Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jalandhar. She loves poetry and fiction. She also likes birds, flowers, animals, and humans.


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