Fallen in Love..

As we walk along the wet sea shore,

The ocean breeze tingling our skin,

The sand feels soft under our feet,

With a thousand words our eyes do meet.

You hold me close with a gentle touch,

and kiss me with your tender lips.

I feel the taste of your nascent love,

And hear the songs sung by your loving soul.

Swaying along with your seraphic smile, 

A thousand wildflowers bloom in my fluttering heart.

We are two souls entwined as one,

Dancing with rhythm and synchrony.

Come My Love! Tell me your dreams,

And I shall tell you every dream of mine.

Every breath of mine shall always be

Infused with the fragrant breath of yours.

Beneath the sky, beneath the sun,

Beneath the moon and starlit sky,

Letโ€™s together weave a tapestry of  life, 

nurturing it with a lifetime of love. 

Walking hand in hand into the sunset,

We shall love each other till the end.


Picture Credit : Joannah Nix – Walkup ( unsplash)
#Prompt day 1

Book Name : Tell me your dreams by Sidney Sheldon


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