Faded and Forlorn

Reminiscing those jovial and euphoric days

Lulled by your love, eclectic emotions set ablaze

Perennial promises,

Β Memorable moments freckled with cozy cuddles

Celebrating life, oblivious to life’s umpteen puddles.

The imprints of your love still emblazon my glistened core

Bestowing pristine joys from dazzling glimpses of yore

Lost in the depth of your hazel eyes,

Holding your hand

Our love thrived on the rhythmic percussion of waves and sand

Our overlapping carved initials on the beach, reiterates deep

Still unblemished, despite being put to sleep

My jaded and dreary soul yearns

For that long-lost love

Which time stealthily stole and flew high above

My wrinkled and brooding eyes, frantically seek you

Devoured by sands of time, achieve solace in the memories if you

Nurtured by illuminating winged hope

Now, I gaze at the starry sky,

Only to be embraced by your distant arms amidst a muffled cry!



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Written by Debashree B

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