Excursion of Repentance

One fine day, when my soul is set free,

When this world has taken away, all it gave me.

When I have breathed my last, debts repaid,

a small excursion, to rewind, I crave.

My core devoid of inhibitions, wants to visit,

those cemented by-lanes and that lazy rivulet.

He, who sold balloons β€˜n candies for a rupee,

and soak my swollen ankles in the warm camaraderie.

I have to visit my home, just round the corner,

where lights are always switched on, in my honour.

Just a little peep to see, my wailing parents

who lost their daughter, to her aberrants.

My excursion shall never be complete,

childhood love is all I seek.

Creepily I shall tiptoe in, contend just to see him.

Only if life could rewind, these stinging memories wouldn’t be prime.

Moved beyond the realms of return,

A visit to a life, forsaken and forlorn.

Dr.Shweta Mathur Lall


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Written by Dr Shweta Mathur Lall

I am a dentist working with Apollo hospital. I am an voracious reader an avid writer and an orator.

Looking forward to learning and harnessing my thoughts.

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