Embracing Life


When words are reduced to meaningless, incoherent babbles,

Highlighting our fears and undermining our struggles –

When the spineless fear curbs the spirit of a cheerful mind,

Painting it with its unholy color of all encompassing blindness –

When life becomes listless, loveless and a continuous pain,

Putting it in the quagmire of failure and amputing any gain –

Read Keats,Shelley,Byron or any of your chosen romantic,

For they had suffered and conquered this delusional phase-

Then composed immortal verses compiling these seminal lines like

‘O Wind!

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?’

For failures are sporadic events in the general drama of life,

Measuring our attitude, aptitude and willingness to end the strife-

Between good and evil, temporal and timeless,

And touching that horizon where sublime thoughts can be nurtured by a truly free soul.


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Written by Indrani Chowdhury

Indrani Chowdhury was born and raised in the north-east city of India, at Guwahati in Assam. She did her post graduation in English literature and had worked as a teacher for some years. Her friends describes her as a simple, hard working girl. She is settled at Bangalore after her marriage and is a mother of a one and a half years old.The world of books have always intrigued her and she has a knack for writing. Besides this, she likes travelling, cooking for her family and friends and meeting interesting people.

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