Seeing the effigies burning as a mark of protest,

Or to celebrate the victory of good over evil,

An idea strikes me, but it’s too late to utilise it.

 Maybe if I could have replaced you with your effigy

On that hospital bed when you were suffering,

Writhing with pain and pleading to return to your cosy home,

I could have saved you and today you could have lived with me.

Alas! I failed to brainstorm then and you departed.

O, how Death could have been baffled,

Abandoning his evil plan he would have disappeared.

Sadly, the law of the universe I can’t tweak

But living with inexpressible sorrow and emptiness

Is definitely making me oblivious to reality.

You’re now released of your mortal spasms,

And I’m happy that you’re now in Safe Hands.

Yet, the wound being fresh, it’ll take time to heal,

Till then, I’ll sing paen in memory of you.


What do you think?

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Written by Amrita Mallik

PP Pioneer