Draping the damp cloak

night settled on her window

darkness crawled in her bedroom

the tiny daisy on her windowsill

twitched, trembled

shedding a petal or two.


The bare glass panes fluttered

when tickled by the gusts,

solitary night befriended

her vacant room,

The saturated sky

roared, grumbled, screamed,

the thick greys battled as

numerous torchlight flickered

through the fissures, crevices.


countless raindrops deposited

on the glass panes,

few splashes that touched her skin

dampened her sanity

the relentless showers

paled her thoughts

and once again her heart piped the

lullaby of bygone love as she

soaked in the rains of yore,

sitting by the glass window.๐Ÿ’š

Pic Courtesy: pixabay


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