Dreams That Don't Belong

“Thank you”

The words hung heavily in the air

The wind is filled with wordless wishes

Conversation is scarce

Your gratitude tore me apart

We stood in a moment of pain

Sheathed in the colours of sunset

I wished that I could bear your

Tears in my eyes and

Carry your misery in my heart

But you had to leave here and now

I wanted to say something

Something simple and foolish

Like wanting this love a little longer

Maybe for a lifetime too

Though time is fleeting, shy and modest

I wanted to share it with you.

Perhaps this was nothing

But a beautiful delusion or dream

And I didn’t want to taint it

With the reality that was far too unkind

By opening my mourning eyes

And looking at

Your precious gem-like face

Now as fragile as glass, guilt lingering;

Remorse scarring its serenity.

This moment felt like a forged memory

And you seemed like a known stranger

As you turned your back toward

Me and left with a feeble



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Written by Abinaya

And I wait……

Hope and despair