Dreams! Anyone?

Dreams! Anyone?

I’m a dream seller, I trade dreams

I stay here is this hamlet with my grandchild

it’s sandy and quite impoverished

but they happily buy the dreams, for it’s their need.

The wars have ruined our lives

in this barren soil, every day we are battling to thrive

the days are scary and the nights sleepless

but now, even she learnt to overcome her strife.

A penny a lie, that is the deal

yet occasionally my heart shudders gauging the crime

a lie soothes their heart and provides us with a day’s meal

but in solace when I look in the mirror, I see my hands smeared in grime.


crystal ball, parrot forecast, tarot cards,

everything I possess, but the choice is theirs

a cup filled with their past, a teaspoon of prophecy

a drizzle of some lies and the magic potion is ready to share.

Trust me, I wasn’t a liar always

but a farmer enjoying his sunset days

it is the war that killed my wife

and they kept my daughter as their slave.


The little girl never saw her father

somewhere in the ruins his soul still lay crumpled

broken, we left that cursed land in search of a life

here I sell hopes that are sometimes garbled.


I tell her lies too, her mama will return someday,

and the silly girl heartily believes my salty lies

every night I fill her eyes with a world full of cheerful dreams

though she sleeps in peace I can hear her silent cries.


To the world, I sell lies to earn a fortune

but my lips tremble when her eager eyes gaze at me

I don’t know, how long this will continue

But the burden of lying to her will someday, surely kill me.


Till then, every night when the world sleeps

we two sit by the fire and count our twinkling dreams

a shooting star and she prays to meet her mom again

“C’mon! sell her that lie, old man!” my heart screams.


The poetry is based on the Ballad form and I have chosen the rhyming scheme, ABCB. Ballads are narrative poems with a story and a rhyming pattern. Hope I have done justice to it.โ˜บ

Pic Courtesy: Our talented Artoon Ketki Jalan painted this amazing cover picture. Thank you, the picture reveals half of the story๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š


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  1. This is a very unique take on the prompt…how a dream seller sells lies to others, and even to his own daughter.Because in this grief striken world, it is an absolute necesscity to cling to some hope in the form of dreams or lies.Beautiful poem Sonali๐Ÿ’š

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