Down the Memory Lane

I disembarked on a journey

Through the memory lane.

Revisiting those lovely days

Hoping to relive them again.


A carefree childhood,

Sans any restrictions,

Where water, mud and dirt

Were the companions.


Flintstones taught us the stone age,

And Jetsons, the space.

Spinach is good for health,

Practiced and preached, Mr. Popeye.


Friendship was always

Sans any hesitations,

Where our lunchbox weren’t ours

But for our friends instead.


The early teens were also fun,

With the cassettes doing the run.

A life sans the App, Book and Gram,

Was bright and full of glam.


An energetic campus life,

Was indeed beckoning,

Where love was in the air

And sometimes untold in despair.


How I wish to get back,

To those carefree days,

When man controlled machines

And led a peaceful life.

Kirti V

Pic courtesy Kraft


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Written by Kirti V


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