Dots on a circle

Dots of a Circle

The circle formed from many dots

The dots, do they exchange their places or not?

They stay where they were in the beginning

Or around the circle they go circling!

Whatever they do

Whether they stay still or they move

Do they realize?

That being there is their life!

If they do not move a bit

To a point they are fixed

Their part is to stay there

Whether they care or they do not care.

If they go on moving

The path they gait

Is a circle, and in this or that state

Only an apparent change of fate

They cannot fall free from the circle.

From here to there around it they wriggle.

Eventually returning to where they began

And again starting to journey the previous span

Only carrying a false thrill

That all is not still!

That they are in an adventure

Some journey of a vague nature

But what they do is take the place

Of another point that they, no do not chase

Just jump in to take the place

And each other’s pace they well coordinate

So well that there is no collision

And things move in a static fashion

They may have the satisfaction of moving

Yet, they are no better than the fixed dots unchanging

Are we not, the moving dots?

Our moving takes us to new places naught

From times immemorial we are moving around the same way

May be we will fall out some day!!!



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Written by Parul

Like all mortal beings

I constitute flesh, bones and feelings

and like in this world

all is not visible in one view

some facets of me

at your position, you can clearly see

others remain hidden

maybe visible to others

who again may fail to review me through your view.


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