Don’t give Up!

Oh you little one! Don’t give up so soon.

Indeed, you can do it, go capture the moon.

Look into my eyes, don’t lower your lids,

Hold onto my hand, let me guide you, Kid!

Cacophony of the machines, gives me solace,

Reassuring me of your presence, angel face.

Keep taking the baby steps towards life,

Let the life blood seep in your heart; survive!

Each breath you inhale, oozes life in me

Fight my dear child, I wait for thee.

Slowly but surely , come back to your mother

Or take me too, across the horizon, to travel together.

photo credit : Unsplash 


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Written by Dr Shweta Mathur Lall

I am a dentist working with Apollo hospital. I am an voracious reader an avid writer and an orator.

Looking forward to learning and harnessing my thoughts.

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