Divinity Undivided


Divinity undivided,

Is there for you to embrace.

In every speck of cosmos, 

Divinity you can trace.


In the songs of the sparrow,

In the gurgle of the brook narrow.

In the whispers of the winds,

In the twinkle of the boy who grins.

In the ditty of the maiden who sings,

In the delight, that little things bring.

In the tears of joy and sorrow,

In the faith, that there’ll be a better morrow.


It’s there, all you need is an eye to see,

Divinity permeates everywhere,

In him and her, in you and me.

Unconditional love it is there to give,

Divinity undivided is all we need to live.

Cosmos resonates with its song divine,

Go embrace it, call it mine!
Shristee Singh 


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Written by Shirstee Singh

One part of the cosmos!

PP Pioneer