Divine creation

Softly crimson yellow rays come in
Window panes shimmer

 A new day begins With hope and inspiration 

A divine artistic creation 

So is the velvet blue skyWith tufts of clouds 

The pine maple oakSpreading arms as leaves shine

 Twittering birds happily flit

Fauna complement the view

Bubbly waters flow 

Through mountains and valleys they glow

Vast oceans glimmer as tides ebb and flow

Holding treasure and mystery below

A canvas wide and pristine 

A creation so divine

Mortalsevolved over the years 

But have driven Mother Earth to tears

Natural habitat destroyed 

For concrete abode enjoyed

Wildlife mutilated for adornment 

Greenery smashed for machine reinforcement

Aqua reservoirs depleted by wasteful usage

A portrait painted with love and care
With callous acts to disfigure they dare

Yet dawn brings hope and inspiration 

To restore the divine creation of adoration 

– Pradnya Surve 


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Written by Pradnya Surve

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