I was talking to your absence

in my tired afternoon siesta.

In my deepest desire,

I wanted to touch, to hold

forever, what was gone.

I poured out everything from within

just to feel –

what was never mine,

and what will never be !

It was felt like an endless dream.

And it seemed I reached so close !

I was just about to hold you

in my arms, and

I was never going to let you go.

I wanted to scream…

to ask you to love

and kiss me now… and always.

But all I got was your absence !

And then, the telephone rang.

the scorching heat of Delhi summer

reminded me to forget,

what was never mine

and what will never be !


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Written by Parna Sahana

I am presently working in Ministry of Culture. I am a travel buff and in intense love with mountains. Trekking is my passion, though all kind of travelling is a passion. Hand embroidery, Odissi dance, reading books are my favourite pastime. Listening to music, especially Rabindra Sangeet is a stress buster. And there is nothing better than cooking to lift my mood up !

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