Delicate Dream!





The crimson sky smiles 

the lilting breeze whistles

the dropping greens twirl

the mountain stream spurts

when with baby steps, you arrived

Into my tiny pulsing hive.


The jasmine on the window sill blushes

the fastened blank pages flutter

the pen and the inkpot urge 

the koel from the mango branch chirp

the candle on the piano flickers

and once again I lose myself to love.


Silver beams flood the gloomy room 

the heart now croons a fresh tune

bright stars shine on my balcony

Life suddenly feels lively

Seeds of patience are sprouting every day

The soul feels content, like the sun I glow all day.


Your giggles and chuckles resonate everywhere

Your wet kisses, warm embrace vapourised my fears

Clasping your tiny fingers I’ll ace life’s game   

Our bond is eternal, together we will create our beautiful realm!

Pic Courtesy: Pixabay


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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
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