Dedicated to my Creator




Thank you

Is the silent prayer

I utter every morn

And begin my day


Just two words

But convey my deepest

Heart-felt gratitude

For the goodness bestowed


Blessings abound me

Surrounded by loved ones

Endowed with physical and mental fitness

I am indeed lucky


But truth be told

It took me time to realize

How fortunate I am

To be leading the life I am


Many a night

I fought with you

Questioned and denied your existence

Even blamed you for my miseries


Every time I felt alone

In the face of defeat

It was You who held me

Wiped my tears, guided me


Time has taught me lessons

Valuable and unforgettable

Accept and apologize I must

For every time I doubted You


For every time I scorned you

From the bottom of my heart

Please forgive my follies

Truly, I am sorry


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Written by Chandra Sundeep


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