O, Dear death, I beseech you for your enamoured kiss,

Despite trysts with you often you evade my amorous gesture,

I love you from the bottom of my heart yet you pay me no heed.

Lovelorn I’m, unable to woo you as I run out of the tricks.


You’re unfair as you heartily welcome your reluctant guests,

Drowning their loved ones in an execrable vacuum,

Making them recollect them with teary-eyes and heavy hearts.

Yet, here I’m, gladly waiting for your call, for your one gentle touch,

But, I don’t seem to appeal to you as much as them.


Death is indeed a celebration for me, and you’re being cruel.

Why don’t you discern how much will I be overjoyed,

Reuniting with my loved ones whose life you’ve cut short?

Living with an ever-expanding hollow, I’m being unmindful,

As the unfathomable sorrow inside refuses to come out,

I go awry, and I’m labelled an ice-woman.


Hence, Death, don’t dawdle and spare the pristine souls.

Take me instead, and be my rescuer from this eternal anguish.

Oh no! I’m not selling my soul for I don’t want to live.

Life is boring without your genuine cheerleaders,

Especially in this world where feelings take a backseat

And, it’s cowardice to express them as you feel.


What do you think?


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Written by Amrita Mallik

PP Pioneer

Daddy, you are always there for me