Dear life…

Dear life,

Sometimes, you had thrown me to the wolves,

For reasons unknown,

And tested my resilience.

Put my back on the wall,

By throttling my confidence,

And highlighted my disarrayed face.

Put me on trial,

For noncommitted crimes,

And exiled me to an abysmal state of mind.

Plotted revenge for deeds,

Done with fair intention but gone horribly wrong,

And charred my lively heart.

Forestalled my triumph,

Which could have brought my salvation,

By coaxing me to do self defeating acts.

Misled me,

When I needed guidance most,

And bloodied my feets on the path of thorns.


And yet, and yet,

I hold you dear at my heart,

As you have taught me ,

To play this unfair game with apolomb,

And savour the occassional slices of happiness.


What do you think?


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Written by Indrani Chowdhury

Indrani Chowdhury was born and raised in the north-east city of India, at Guwahati in Assam. She did her post graduation in English literature and had worked as a teacher for some years. Her friends describes her as a simple, hard working girl. She is settled at Bangalore after her marriage and is a mother of a one and a half years old.The world of books have always intrigued her and she has a knack for writing. Besides this, she likes travelling, cooking for her family and friends and meeting interesting people.

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