Dear diary, dear friend


Knotted chains of words jiggled in my heart

The words I repeat in effusive soliloquies

Bathed in the resplendent fragrance of love

They pleaded and yearned to be free


 Effervescent tenderness streamed silently

His nearness muted all other leanings

I inspected with a meditative ardor

The mysteries of his inscrutable temper


Incandescent pearls gleamed on his countenance

His eyes mesmerised, a hypnosis set in

With each stolen glance, the magic deepened

Null and void lay my promise to self


And yet again, I tamed my fiery love

Shielded intently the sacred secret

Buried the mound of passion in silence

Untold wistful words lamented, yet again


Yet again, I unfasten them on your pages

Wounded, quivering words, find a release

Privy to my fettered thoughts and emotions

Dear diary, I treasure your calming presence


Just as I smile, scripting notes of freedom

Pangs of love return with a new zeal

Words doused in anguish, bereft of refuge

Find  shelter, yet again, in your kind pages.



New Delhi 


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  1. Speechless, totally in admiration of your work, Moonmoon Chowdhury. How well you’ve described the scandalous secrets a leaf of a naive lover’s diary hides from the glimpse of many mocking eyes. Keep penning such beautiful verse… a pleasure for our eyes.

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