Dear Diary

Dear Diary, I think I saw my love today

Sitting in the shade engrossed in a book

And though he did not notice me

I am sure soon he would

Dear Diary, I think my love saw me today

As I was pretending to sip my tea

Waiting for him to pass by

And take a passing glance at me

Dear Diary, I think today was special

Our eyes met for the first time

Accidentally, but my heart skipped a beat

And I am sure his must have too

Dear Diary, I think I am almost sleepwalking

Following my love around

Is this called stalking?

Happiness in my heart though seems to be abating

Dear Diary, I return to your pages rather forlorn

It’s been three months and yet we haven’t spoken

Chasing a love may seem like a dream

But the heartache it causes is too extreme

Dear Diary, many summers have passed since

Living alone, you know how it’s been!

Your friendship has truly been forgiving

Your pages witness to every rant, ramble, dream

Dear Diary, this time I think I found the one

Whose soul I can sink into, and in whose arms

Where memories seem to float in of a life not yet lived

And my rather broken heart seems to have healed

Dear Diary, in your white comforting pages

My heartache has bled out, in tears and in rages

The sweet morning sun now kisses my skies gold

With hopes renewed, waiting for this new saga to unfold

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash


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Written by Amrita Chowdhury

Oh! How I Miss Touching God's Perfection