Day 4 -The cursed flower

The irony of ideals from cosmos

Forbidding a fragrant flower

Being offered to the auspicious one

Yet used to enliven the soul and senses.


The fate of a cream-colored flower

Foredoomed by the supreme divinity

A very dear to Lord Shiva

Succumbed to deception betwixt wrangle.


Lord Vishnu coveted internal happiness

Lord Brahma, to eliminate the desires

A contention fueled up and arose between the deities

With Lord Shiva addressed as the arbiter.


Mahakala, appeared as Jyotirmaya Linga

Asked the ever-victorious Anantajeet and the Creator

To seek the beginning and end of Linga

With threads of hope the deities advanced.


Adeep, the Lord of Light doomed and foiled

Neared Jagadisha in obeisance

In the cloudy adobe, pure and ecstatic

Perceived Shiva as the Swaroopa of Brahmaand.


Ketaki flower, naïve and pleasant

Floated aimlessly in the carousel around Linga

Trideva persevered afore his ego

Solicited the bloom into bearing false witness.

The perjurer however had to pay a price

Shiva’s vexation cursed Lord Brahma

 Of not being worshipped in temples anymore

The floweret will not be used as worship to gods.


The love of Shiva for floret

Now turned into a disparaging disgrace

But as sunlight skimmed across universe

Pleads of Ketaki were contemplated.


The beautiful monsoon flower

Got back its praise and amour

Harmonize, sweet and silently buoyant

Although hinderances, Ketaki was joyful and pious afresh.


Anantajeet – Lord Vishnu

Swaroopa- Form of the creator of universe ,Lord Shiva

Creator – Lord Brahma

Mahakala – Lord Shiva

Adeep, Lord of Light – Lord Vishnu

Jagadisha- Lord Shiva

Trideva- Lord Brahma



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Written by Ketki


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