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Dare I Ask For More?

Winter brings its bounty

Of gifts, when tulip bulbs

And crowned lilies bend,

Weighed down by crystalline

Snowflakes and rime.

Winds dare not disturb

Frost-laden branches bent.

All’s buried in mounds

Of snow’s chaste innocence.

‘Tis, wild’s wintery quiescence.

The world’s still awhile…

Shush! None dares disturb!

Snowy carpets muffle footsteps.

Then, to the forest floor

My ears, I press.

And harken to woods,

Filled with resounding silence,

Whistling the snow’s song.

My being, my core

Is suffused with reverence.


Shan’t I rejoice amidst

Wilderness’s quietude,

Sifting wisdom of the ancients?

Dare I ask for more?

Mumtaz N. K.


Picture courtesy: Unsplash, Jared Rice

rime: frost formed by freezing of supercooled water on solid substance

quiescence: the state of being inactive or dormant


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Written by Mumtaz N K

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