Crazy for love

A Morning start,

I woke early,

You got stuck in my mind dearly,

The green grass wetted by dew drops sparkle like diamond,

The bird’s chirps and soft wind blew,

I am alone where are you,

It’s a wonder of GOD that created you,

Your lovely sweet smile keeps me out of duty,

I ran across the grass,

Into the barren land to touch your beauty,

But i felt distressed when I failed in every attempt,

It might be your felling to make me cry,

But you never know how much love you loosing by,

When sometime mistakenly look at me,

I found myself on to that deep blue sea,

I am crazy; yes I am crazy for your love,

You might not feel in the way I do,

But I am there and will be for you,

If the stars, the moon are true,

My love is real and my heart beats for you,

In this way days are passing by,

Will you ever feel my thoughts and wipe my cry,

When whole world sleeps I am awake,

With moons and stars beside the window gate…




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Written by Prasenjit Das

Prasenjit Das is an author from Kolkata,west bengal.He completed his schooling in ICSE board and completed his graduation with B.Com(HONS.)with Economics and Finance. He has written many short poems, short stories, prose, poetry, songs etc.Some of his written drama were played by children in his locality which keep motivating him.He is fond of music, and reading books. Merging forward in life with work and Writing as his breath to give joy and satisfy the readers by his writings and dream to become a great writer.

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