I am the Coronavirus,

I can neither be seen nor heard,

However, I seem to have thoroughly shaken up the world.

After my origin, I’ve never looked back,

The knowledge to terminate me, people seem to lack.

I conquer my host in multiples of hundreds.

Mere utterance of my name, people seem to dread.

I have completely wrecked every country’s economy,

I am infamous for crushing the travel industry.

Social distancing and masks have become the new norm,

PPE’s have become the new age uniforms.

But hey!! I have brought in a few positive turns,

Wants and needs ,you vacuous people now discern.

I have united countries over a common cause,

Fights over mindless issues seem to be at a pause.

Was my creation by the whip hand of nature –

A warning to safeguard earth from a more devastating future?

I am not sure how long I will exist,

But let the hard lessons learnt by mankind always persist.


Picture: Unsplash

Photographer: Martin Sanchez


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