My Dearest, 

It’s been a while since I’ve been scribbling on you

Doodling his name on every line, around every corner of dreamland

trying to inscribe the pearls of my love necklace

Striving to ink the choked emotions

Struggling to voice the hidden passion, 


The alphabets aren’t kind enough, 

they are playing hide and seek with me

Even the flirty breeze is conspiring

as the helpless windows bang, slam

shattering the night’s silence

and there comes my muse, the Silver Orb

flooding my candlelit room with its 

shimmering silver beams, 


But this foolish  heart has its own rules and  

trotting the diary’s pages it plummets into the ink bottle

and effortlessly glides on the heart-printed pages

penning all the unsaid words, inking all the fantasies that my heart desired, 


like a fresh bloom the pages now blossom

a crazy but a fragrant love story ultimately penned

The saga of eternal love that’ll be sung for life after life, ages after ages,

Unrequited love as deep as the ocean, as determined as the mountain

Unfathomable as the limitless sky and as unconditional as the Sun,


yet the love that spurts in this heart will never reach his ears, will never embrace his fears 

the voiceless bawls that cries his name dies every night with the faint rays of daylight

Yet my dear D tonight, in you, I confide

The soulful yearnings of my lovelorn spirit.

My dreams like fireflies are immortalised in between your pages

The silence of this solitary soul now has a shelter. 

With love,

 An Ardent Lover

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Written by Sonali Ray

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