Come lets see it again….

Often times promises

Don’t materialize

Seems to be the lies

Often stuck in fear of being prosaic.


The azure sky is wailing aloud

The crimson sun on its way to ground

The stillness of breeze over river water sound

It’s time to move on, time to dust off the old wound.


Just living in past that’s hurting have no point

Even when things don’t work we give a second trial

Why not my previous life, I nurtured with travail

Bore fruit, my eyes saw, under daylight.


Team up oh my soul fordone

River always finds its ways

Through the stones or between the stones

Possibility always lies in globe of wise.


Poet’s note: inspired by Seema Taneja ma’am poem on lies. I have tried to encourage the devastated soul to create new ways to be back as gold.

Photo courtesy: Photo by Sarbjeet Sandhu from Pexels


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Written by Varsha

Singapore Lanes

Silence is my friend