Cloaked Divine

A thank-you escaped, a smile I cracked,

Thirstily I gulped, life I lacked,

Gratitude evaporated in petrichor smell,

As monsoon befriended, me, the long-dead well.


A thank-you flowed, through my dead veins,

With pride I stood, as around me you chained,

Long dead I was, with lightning struck,

Till you playful tendril, curled around me tuck. 


A thank-you skipped, as my heart pounded fast,

Hastily I jumped, clinging to the support last,

Long dead I was, an ant in rain,

Till I held your hand, a tender grass plain. 


 Together we live, with gratitude soak,

As each one lost, finds divine in cloak,

Messengers he sends, to wipe our worry,

Thank-you overwhelms, leaving no space for sorry. 


What do you think?


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Written by Aradhna Shukla


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