Far in the horizon

The clouds groan heavily

The clap of thunder, the brilliance of lightening

Taking me back to the days

When life seemed so full of promises

When there were no worries

When laughter rang out

From that house down the road

The patter of tiny feet

The scolding when we cousins did meet

My Grandmother calling out over and over again

‘Will all of you just get out of the rain?’

We used to laugh away, frolicking by ourselves

Unhindered by the intricacies,

Unaware of any pain

The rains came and went

The years passed by with memories spent

Now the rains again bring back those woes

The howling wind, as it howls and  blows

Goes in and out that house again

Where now only my childhood grows..


What do you think?


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Written by Taqdees Nida

Broken Heart

Darkness everywhere