Cheers To Life

Softly she walks in, her tread slow,

A moment she pauses, at the door,

Before she jumps into the fray,

There she is, like a beautiful ray.

At times, she walks too fast to notice,

The wonders the world holds, she misses,

Knocked up, hurt and bruised at times,

Her laughter too rolls, like a wind chime.

Sorrows pull her down and joys lift her spirit,

She pushes with all her might, her limit,

And suddenly, as softly as she came,

She is gone, leaving only her name.

This is Life, my friend, as she walks in unknown,

A beautiful journey unseen, is sown,

Walking the path in all her glory,

Cheers dear Life, you are an exciting story!

Pic: Holger Detje from


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Written by Sheetal Ashpalia

Sheetal is an aspiring writer who potters in poetry and discovering more each day! She was coerced into trying her hand out at poetry by friends from the writing community and is thoroughly enjoying this journey...

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