Cause You Matter

You are your own world

Even if the planets and stary skies

Galaxies light years away can’t feel you

You are a galaxy yourself

Explore and express your innerself

Cause you matter


You will get your reward

Even when you work hard

Till your bones ache and crush

Yet gratitude is a far cry

But keep working to better yourself

Cause you matter


You will one day blossom

When others try to make you fall

Because they couldn’t face your glitter

Just block their ignorance

And keep moving on in your life

Cause you matter


You will be blessed one day

When you feel trapped by past sins

As everyone has a past

Just pray heartily for Lord mercy and repent

And He will get you out of your quagmire

Cause you matter


You will get over your fears

Even if your mind boggles you down

Just keep your belief that you’re smart

That you are important enough

And what you do and think affects others

Cause you matter


You will win one day

When life becomes a raging cyclone

Straining you with its toxic demands

There will be scars but keep fighting

For that struggle will succeed eventually

Cause you matter


You are the shinning star

When people shower you with the praises

The praises disguised as thorns

Thorns that say “You don’t matter”

Work hard and prove them wrong

Cause you matter

© Waqas Gul


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Written by Waqas Gul


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