Care for Mother Earth

I look around with fascination 

So heart warming to see 

Mother Earth Holds my being                                                       

In her warm affectionate hands                                                   

A blanket of Soft wooly clouds                                                   

zephyr sways trees                                                                 

Birds sing a lullaby                                                                      

As I rest in the cool breeze                                                          

Rivers flow down the mountain                                                   

To quench my thirst                                                                     

But do I feel My mother’s hurt                                                   

Silently she weeps                                                                       

As the monsters sweep    

Her beautiful creation  

buried down so deep                                                                         

Pray my dear fellow beings   

Mother’s hand are wrinkled and worn                                       

Consequence of your misdoings                                                 

Wake up to a new dawn      

Let there be fresh dew and a green lawn     

Mother’s hands need a soothing balm                                     

Let us make her peaceful and calm    

– Pradnya Surve    
Image courtesy Shutterstock


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Leave a Reply


Written by Pradnya Surve

A child counsellor and teacher, enjoyed every moment of motherhood
My Masters degree in Child Development and Family Relations is a value addition to a basic affinity towards people

Reading and writing is passion inherited from my family who were voracious readers, lovers of art and theatre

I am fortunate to nurture my interests having a life partner with similar interests. My children too are taking forward the legacy

Proud to be associated with Artoonsinn which is family for me

PP Pioneer

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