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Can you hear me

It was a night with

moonlit sky,

Dazzling stars Scarletting the darkness,

Her scintillating smile encroaching me,

And I said ,  Can you hear?

I sucked her beauty

With my thirsty eyes,

And her melodious voice as a saccharine brew,

And yet again asked her,

Can you hear me?

Her nod was her submission,

What I thought was her permission,

Little did I know,

She too has a little heart that beats like mine?

This time I truly meant, Can you hear me?

Alas, there was no nod,

But a pale body with hollow heart,

I yelled, Can you hear me?

In vain and in pain,

Amidst the ashes, amidst the burnt emotions,

Beauty brings a beautiful soul,

Was her voice,

Her words mizzle scornfully,

But I still grieve, Can you hear me?



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Written by Great.S.Upase


Writing is the echo of one's soul,

Song of unheard calls,

And weaving of dreams.


Cosy little blanket