Can you hear me, brother mine?

From sharing a womb, to personal histories.

From being each other’s relentless tormentors to best of buddies.

Shared a lot over the years, yet you hid your pain from me.

So much I have left to say to you; Are you listening? Can you hear me?

Almost half a lifetime we somehow floundered through.

Yet now you have gone to a place where none can reach you.

Can you hear me up there???

Are you at peace now??  Did you find a way out of despair???

There is a hole in all our hearts, and one in my soul.

Engulfed in blinding pain, it’s been ages since I felt whole.

This impenetrable silence between us is the longest ever.

Only a month since you went, yet feels like forever.

Of all the sensible and inane things we talked about,

Of all the scrapes from which we pulled each other out,

Wish you had talked to me about the pain you were in.

Wish you had trusted me to pull you out of the darkness that was closing in

Can you hear me, brother???

You promised you would have my back forever???

The worst part is all those bittersweet memories.

Random images, old hangouts, common friends, favorite melodies .

There are traces of you everywhere, little nuggets that you left behind.

And they are driving me out of my mind.

Sometimes I forget and still call out for you.

Do you hear me then ?? Do you???


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    • Thank you for such a sweet compliment @Sarita Khullar…need peace n quiet and lots of free time to spare to awaken my muse, which is hard to come byπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ …thank you again

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Written by Ramya

The Palm Tree