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Can You Hear Me

Can you hear me?

O You 

The only truth

To seek you, myriad paths took

Barefoot blistered,

Ascended gelid peaks 

Walked through embers bed too

Lit candles votive flickered when

Protecting palms burnt.

To fix my greys offered petals hued.


From dizzying labyrinth, whimpered endlessly

Confided in you when stranded deep

In the swamp of moments 

My claustrophobic days

Muttered on the rosary, your name

In pursuit

Burnt fragrant incense,

Chanted hymns, bowed head

In supplication days ‘n nights

Hear me at least once

O, You the divine!


As faith wavered, on the verge

Hope; climbed endless steep steps

When let down by the world, 

Lamented soul, 

Save my crumbling spirit

O, You the Saviour! 


Silent cries go unheard 

I fear

Does my voice reach you?

Or it fades away amidst

Nebulous strata, rotating galaxies

Cacophonous hollows,

Into the black hole; vanishing

My cries feeble

I fear

Can you hear me?

O, You the best listener!


Every call of suppliants is answered 

Who believes in Me,

Gleaming in the recesses 

Of your subconsciousness is Me–

Nearer to you 

Than your jugular vein is Me.

Far away from the clamour,

In the stillness listen to Me

Then only  

O believer, you can hear Me.

I bestow on you the best,

Believe in Me.


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Written by Roodaba Shah

Deciphered Silence

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