Cacti Women

Grow ye women,keep growing,

And as you do, you will encounter faces not one but many,

A mountain of memories will mold you all along,

The sweetest of them will bring you joy,

The saddest ones will bring tears of pain,

But the hardest  ones may scar your heart with wrenching agony.

But fear not!

They will outgrow into a sheild with thorns,

Not intended to hurt others,

But to make you beam with inner strength,

And you shall brighten the most daunting mile,

Like the desert cacti with absolute grit and fortitude,

Braving the most forceful heat,

And at last,

You will finally bloom with absolute elan.

Proudly showcasing your bloom with a reminder,

That the prickly shields of armour guided you all along,

And you stood-

Unshattered and unshaken,

Ready to share your sweetened nectar,

With the nascent world.

Image courtesy : Unsplash

Photographer : Donald Gianatti


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